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 John R. Laubenstein

President and Senior Scientist


Welcome to the IWPD Research Center.  Our organization is the result of a life-long passion for exploring and understanding scientific relationships, which began for me at an early age with an undeniable fascination with gravity.  As a young boy I was intrigued by falling objects and a trip to Comiskey Park was a much about the fascination of the path of a well hit baseball as it was about the game of baseball.

Old Comiskey Park, Chicago, Illinois

 The same principles governing the path of a baseball govern much of the motion of the universe.


 Therefore, as is often the case in scientific inquiry, the simplest of observation has the potential of uncovering the most far reaching implications.

 As is often the case, my scientific interests have played out through a non-linear career path as a High School and College teacher, Corporate Research, Philanthropy and ultimately the formation of the IWPD Research Center. As a fully funded independent not-for-profit research organization, the IWPD Research Center is free to seek out observational relationships, to attempt to make sense of them, and � when possible � to tie them back to existing theory in complementary ways.

We challenge scientists of all fields to look beyond the temptation to dismiss new ideas as being speculative, and to look deeply into new concepts to find expanded relationships that provide a greater and richer understanding of our universe and all that is within it.

 Our Mission

To seek out the interconnections between fundamental physical relationships and  

    develop a framework for 21st century physics

To understand the history of scientific advancement and lessons from the past

To promote physics education and the understanding of physics to a broader


Our Board of Directors

John R. Laubenstein, President and Senior Scientist Kandi M Cockream, Vice President Gregory J. Laubenstein Kristin S. Catalano